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Pool and Spa Leak Detection Las Vegas

Let us find those costly leaks. We use specialized state of the art equipment to pin-point water leaks. Leaks are expensive and destructive! They inflate water bills, degrade the pool finish, dilute water chemistry and may result in structural damage to the pool.

Don't let your money leak away. Call Accurate Leak Detection today.

We specialize in residential and commercial Swimming Pool, Spa and Fountain Leak Detection. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced plus have the desire and perseverance to find that costly and damaging water leak. We utilize state of the art electronic and sonic leak detectors, helium leak tracers, underwater hydrophones, tracing dyes and good old fashioned common sense and knowledge to pin-point even the smallest of leaks. In fact - our technicians are often called to locate leaks others have failed to find.

Our repair services include :

  • Minor repairs to concrete and grout lines.
  • Vinyl Liner patching and repair.
  • Patching and repairing leaks in the pool shell.
  • Piping Repairs
  • Skimmer Epoxy Pressure Injection
  • Epoxy Injection Repair of cracks

  • We also offer other leak detections services:

  • Water Mains
  • Under Concrete Slab
  • Water Tank
  • Irrigation water lines
  • Real Estate Pool Inspections
  • Underwater Repairs
  • Skimmer Replacements
  • Main Drain Repairs
  • Return Line Repairs
  • Grout Joint Repairs
  • Minor Pool Restoration
  • Leak detection is a highly specialized branch of the industry. Accurate Leak Detection uses highly sensitive electronic equipment with audio transmitters that bounce high or low frequency waves off main or lateral water lines, which will indicate where the leak or leaks are and how deep they are. If sound does not reveal the leak, we do a complete visual inspection of the pool. If that turns up negative, we then pressure test the lines in the pool to find the leak. After a complete inspection Accurate Leak Detection will give you a report of our findings and a solution to any problems that exist.

    First, we inspect for visible leaks around the equipment and above ground plumbing.

    Next, we perform a dye test of all the typical areas where a leak can occur, such as in the skimmer, the returns, or the steps.

    Finally, we conduct a pressure test of the entire system to determine the integrity of the underground plumbing.

    By finding the leak, the savings in your utility costs will end up paying for our service as well as put money back into your pocket instead of down the drain or leaking into the ground. Whether a leak is in your pool or spa, Accurate Leak Detection offers you a prompt, reliable, accurate, and economical solution. With our extensive training programs, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to customer service, we are proud to remain the answer to your leak detection problem.