Bucket Test Directions

The most common sign of a pool leak is that the water level is dropping faster than usual. The water loss could be due to splashing and evaporation and not really a leak.

Evaporation loss is due to several factors:

  • Water Temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Splashing
  • Humidity
  • Wind

The rate of water loss due to evaporation will change day to day in the same pool. Loss of a 1/4'” a day may not be a leak at all. The bucket test allows you to determine how much water is lost due to evaporation.

Bucket Test

Use a common 5 gal bucket

  1. Prior to testing fill the pool to it's normal level
  2. Perform this test when it's not expected to rain for 24 hrs
  3. Place the filled bucket on the second step in the pool
  4. Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket and the side of the steps with tape
  5. Measure the water loss both inside the bucket and in the pool after 24 hours

The bucket test will give you an indication of how much water is lost due to evaporation.

Both the water in the bucket and the pool are exposed to the same conditions. Comparing the amount of water loss from both, will give you an indication of a leak problem. If your measurements show a greater loss of water from the pool than the bucket over the same period, chances are you have a leak.