Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection is an extremely important part of Our business because it is never something that can be taken lightly. Although it is a commonly known fact that natural gas is one of the most clean burning and safest fuels used in over 200,000 across Las Vegas Nevada for various appliances like Gas burning Stoves and Water Heaters it is still dangerous because it can build up in a home or small area of a home and cause an explosion. The good news is that with the advancements in technology that have been made over the past few years Gas Leaks are no longer extremely difficult to find and repair. We offer same day Gas Leak Repairs and Detection. Even the smallest gas leaks can accumulate over time and cause an explosion hazard. While this risk remains relatively low, it is still extremely important to seek Gas Leak Detection if you suspect even the smallest leak.

Gas Leak Emergencies

To aid even the most effective gas leak detection machines, Natural Gas which is odorless by nature, has been altered with the smell of sulfur as a warning to homeowners everywhere. Typically if you suspect a gas leak it is the smell that triggers your suspicion. If you have natural gas appliances whether in your house, apartment or commercial building it is extremely important that you exit the building immediately. It is also important to refrain from doing the following:

  • Do Not Flip Any Switches
  • Do Not Use the Phone
  • Do Not Unplug Appliances
  • Do Not Light any Flames

Natural gas is extremely flammable and any spark rather intentional or not can start a fire or even trigger an explosion if the gas is concentrated enough in any one area. Immediately call 911 once you have safely exited the house and they will come and shut off your gas as well as tell you when it is safe to return inside. In most cases either a code violation can be issued sometimes accompanied by a fine, and they will direct you to finding a plumber or Gas Leak Detection specialist.