Swimming Pool Leak Repair

Although Accurate Leak Detection offers a variety of services including Leak Detection in Las Vegas, Gas Leak Detection, Slab Leak Detection as well as Swimming Pool and spa Leak Detection in Las Vegas, Henderson NV, and Summerlin we do not provide swimming pool repair services.

If you are unsure on what may cause a swimming pool to leak or how to determine for yourself whether or not your pool may be leaking you can view Our page for Instructions on how to perform a bucket test.

For major leak and plumbing issues we can recommend a trusted local plumber in las vegas to perform the repair after we have found your leak.

Repairing a leak in a Concrete Pool's Structure

Once Accurate Leak Detection finds a leak in the Concrete Stucture of a pool it can be repaired by using patching material. Sometimes it is possible to perform the Pool Leak Repair in Las Vegas under water while other times draining the pool may be necessary. After the leak is repaired by state licensed contractor ALD will perfrom a leak detection test to make sure that the patching job was a success.

The above is just one example of a type of swimming pool leak there are also many others. The foundation or structure of a pool, typically plaster, can crack causing a slow seeping leak which is the most common pool leak however it is not the only kind, pipes can develop pinholes, equipment can fail and other issues can cause a swimming pool leak.

Accurate Leak Detection is the easy choice for swimming pool leak detection in Las Vegas, Henderson NV and Summerlin.

We can connect you with a qualified company who can help you with the the following services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson NV and North Las Vegas after we have discovered your plumbing leak.

  • Swimming Pool Leak Repair
  • Concrete Pool Leak Repair
  • Emergency Leak Repair
  • Pool Leak Repair
  • Spa Leak Repair